Session Start: Tues Jul 09 05:05:23 2002

<nAgUaL> Hey

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> hey man

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> :-)

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> no smiley's here

<nAgUaL> Tell me about csvs

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> dont know about chinese csv's, Paul knows i guess

<nAgUaL> No, I mean your csvs!


<nAgUaL> well ...

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> what you need to knowe?

<nAgUaL> How long have you been in the scanning game now?

mmm, a year or so, or less, practising that is

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> The !Checker makes the ecsv's

<nAgUaL> Wow! And I would guess that already you are one of the most recognized scannists around. Pretty

You are joking I am sure

<nAgUaL> not at all!

<nAgUaL> What I wanted to talk to you about is the plethora of om scans out there.

thought you were allready

You want a couple of them csv's?

or ecsv's even?

There is Ashvatta, om idols, om I, om II, om III, etc. The list goes on ...

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> yeah

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> hehe

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> Gonna drive all of you crazy

Is there an all-inclusive csv for om scans - meaning of course, 'scans made by om'

No, I wll straighten it as soon as I reach CD1

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> Gonna move 'm all in one csv

So, how many seperate collections are there?


<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> OmI, OmII, OMIII and Ashvattha



<nAgUaL> thas a lotta series

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> 108kedar

<nAgUaL> oh, yeah! GREAT series!

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> Thats about it

<nAgUaL> planning on slowing down anytime soon?

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> If CD1 is full i will rethink my objectives

Might wonna start all india ladies series

doiing some research now

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> might have to visit India for that

<nAgUaL> You're welcome in Taiwan, anytime!

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> I'd really like to, might be a bit too far this time ...

How many mbs you at now?

<ok_nAgA_strikes_back> About 470 mB now ...